Netgate pfSense SG-3100 Desktop

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The SG-3100 desktop system is a state of the art pfSense® Security Gateway appliance, featuring a dual core ARM design with crypto offload capability, a high level of I / O throughput and optimal performance per watt. This pfSense appliance can be configured as a firewall, LAN or WAN router, VPN device, DHCP server, DNS server, and IDS / IPS with optional packages to deliver high performance, high-throughput front-line security architecture at a great price per gigabit .

Built with performance, versatility, and low total cost of ownership in mind, pfSense systems meet the growing needs of organizations of all sizes.

pfSense is a free, open source firewall and router platform based on FreeBSD that is functionally competitive with expensive proprietary commercial firewalls. pfSense can be configured as a stateful packet filtering firewall, a LAN or WAN router, VPN Appliance, DHCP Server, DNS Server, or can be configured for other applications and special purpose devices. This next generation of pfSense security appliance features include:

Stateful packet filtering firewall or pure router
Routing policy per gateway and per-rule for multiple WAN, failover, load balancing
Transparent layer 2 firewall
Support for IPV6, NAT, BGP
Captive portal with MAC filtering, RADIUS support, etc.
VPN: IPsec, OpenVPN , PPTP
Dynamic DNS client
DHCP Server and Relay features
PPPoE Server
Reporting and monitoring features with real time information

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